Monthly Newsletter

 April  Newsletter

April is going to be a very busy month for us in Pre K..  Our color for this month is BROWN, our number is NINE  9  and our shape of the month is HEXAGON.  We have now introduced your child to all 26 letters of the alphabet.  If Your child is going to Kindergarten in the Fall they need to be able to recognize at least 20 letters by sight before the end of this school year!  All students need to be able to recognize the eight basic colors, basic shapes and the numbers 1 – 10 by sight.  They should be able to group things up to 10.  We count to 20 every day by ones and to 100 every day by 10’s.  Our goal is that ALL students who will be entering Kindergarten in the fall will be able to count to at least 20 by themselves before the end of this school year.  Students should recognize the basic shapes of circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond and heart.  All students going to Kindergarten in the Fall should be able to recognize their own name in print and be able to write their first name. 

 We will be working on learning our full name, address, telephone number and birthday this month.  We will be reviewing letters, shapes, numbers and colors to help prepare your child for Kindergarten.   

We are beginning to prepare our students for our graduation ceremony.  They will showcase many of the things that they have learned this school year. Please mark your calendar for Thursday, May 17th   at 9:00 am.  Students will wear caps and gowns & will put on a program for you.  Punch, cake and cookies will be served.  You may invite anyone you would like to attend our graduation program.  Please make plans to attend our ceremony!

Cap and Gown pictures will be taken of your child later this month.  You will be given a picture that you may take to WalMart, CVS, Walgreen’s … and have as many copies made as you would like.  (All of these stores offer packages that include 8 x 10, 5 x 7 and wallets or you can make up your own package.)

Please keep practicing your child’s flash cards at home with them.  Students that are struggling will be placed in small groups for extra help during center time.  If you need another set of flash cards please let us know and we will send them home with your child. 

Important Days this Month:

Apr. 2nd                Happy Birthday Avri

Apr. 8th                Happy Birthday Monroe

Apr. 11th                Happy Birthday Aaliyah

Apr. 20th               Happy Birthday Sophia

Thanks for all of your help and support! 

Mrs. Trahan, Mrs. Green & Mrs. Jana