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It's the "Write" time to be in 4th Grade!

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Hi!!!I am Tracey Whitaker. I graduated from Hardin-Jefferson in 1983. From there, I attended Lamar University and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. I have two children, Ethan and Hannah, who both graduated from Hardin-Jefferson. I began my teaching career at Sour Lake Elementary, in 1989, teaching second grade. In 1998, I began teaching fourth grade and love it!. I have several websites on my useful links that your child can go to for practice and review. Our spelling words for each week can be found on the Spelling City website. Students can play games to help reinforce learning of their spelling words.  As you may or may not know, the fourth grade is the grade the STAAR Test for Writing, Revision, and Editing is implemented. My goal is to help your child set a solid foundation for becoming a confident writer. As well as, providing your child with a treasure chest of knowledge to perform to the best of their abilities.