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Please Go to the Main Hardin-Jefferson Website to read the list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding the upcoming week.


An update on district building damage:  Sour Lake Elementary has damage to the Gym. We will be working diligently to ensure the gym is safe for our students prior to when we start back. China Elementary survived the storm with very minimal damage. Hardin-Jefferson High School did not receive damage from the storm. Henderson Middle School received the the most extensive damage in the district with two feet of water throughout the building.

Waiting to start school back until after making extensive repairs in a middle school facility that large would leave our students out of school for far too long.   After much deliberation, the school board and administrative staff have come to the consensus that Henderson Middle School students will be split between Sour Lake Elementary, China Elementary and Hardin-Jefferson High School on a temporary basis until a modular building campus is up and running. We anticipate to use this split student Middle School plan for approximately 5-6 weeks until we can reunite the Middle School in one location.

Additional details will follow in the days/weeks ahead, but here is the structure of the start back plan:
6th grade:
Students who reside in Hardin County will go to Sour Lake Elementary 7:55-3:15
Students who reside in Jefferson County will go to China Elementary 7:55-3:25

7th and 8th graders will all go to Hardin-Jefferson High School 7:55-3:10.  Once they eat breakfast, they will report to the gym. Parent pick up for HMS will be lined up outside the high school gym on the right hand side. Buses for HJHS and HMS will be serviced from the HJHS bus loop.

Our target student start back date is Tuesday, September 19th.  Faculty and staff will return to campus on Monday, September 18th.  We are hopeful we can make these restart dates as we would like for our students to get back to some sense of normalcy.  If these dates change, you will be notified in advance.

HJISD was approved to serve free breakfast and lunches to all students through September 30th.  After that, if a family is displaced and is qualified through the district’s homeless liaison, we can qualify them for free meals for the rest of the year.  We will share additional details about this program after we start back.

Concerning athletics for the coming weeks; There will not be any competitions or mandatory practices until we return to school. Students and families should focus on recovery.  Schedules will be adjusted and we will try to salvage what we can of the schedule.  All homecoming events are cancelled until further notice.

Please stay updated via the HJISD website, Facebook Page, and Twitter Page. We will also share this information with the local media.  We look forward to seeing all of you back on campus soon.

Student of the Week


Our student of the week is Layla Cheshire! Layla is our February Champion of the Month from kindergarten! Layla was chosen as the Champion of the Month for exceeding expectations for academics and behavior at SLE! Congratulations! 

Teacher Spotlight of the Week

Ms. Hidalgo Our teacher spotlight of the week is Savanna Hidalgo. Ms. Hidalgo is a 3rd grade Social Studies and Science teacher here at SLE. She has also taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade Math. Ms. Hidalgo has been teaching for 10 years, of which all have been at Hardin-Jefferson. In her spare time, Ms. Hidalgo enjoys hunting, fishing, cooking, reading, and being outdoors. We are so glad to have Ms. Hidalgo on our campus!

Attention All Parents!
School Hours - 7:55-3:15
Grade Level Planning & Lunch Times 
Pre-Kindergarten Lunch 10:45
Kindergarten 8:45-9:30 Lunch 10:45-11:15 
1st Grade 9:30-10:15 Lunch 11:00-11:30
2nd Grade 10:15-11:00 Lunch 11:30-12:00
3rd Grade 11:00-11:45 Lunch 11:45-12:15
4th Grade 1:45-2:30 Lunch 12:45-1:15
5th Grade 2:30-3:15 Lunch 12:45-1:15

For Transportation Changes call the Bus Barn 
(409) 287-2929

To Schedule a Conference with a Teacher call 
(409) 981-6440